The Energy Planning Studio would like to thank the following people for their time, knowledge, and kindness, which greatly assisted the completion of this plan:

  • Mark Lloyd, President, Thomas Park-Avondale Neighborhood Association
  • Lezlie Z. McCrory, President, South-Central Neighborhood Association
  • Tom Moore,  Manager – Community Engagement, Vectren Foundation

Building Better Communities (BBC)

  • Kelli Huth, Director of BBC Fellows Programs
  • Heather Williams, Program Manager
  • Stacey Alexander, Project Coordinator

Other Partners

  • Kyle Johnson, GIS Coordinator, Delaware County Office of Geographic Information Systems
  • Jason Donati, Muncie-Delaware County Department of Stormwater Management
  • Mayor Dennis Tyler, Mayor of City of Muncie

Ball State University Participants

  • Lisa M. Dunaway, AICP, LEED AP, Instructor of Urban Planning
  • Helen Turner, Design Resources Manager

Community Development Studio

  • Derek Walker
  • Chad Wells
  • Heath Harper

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