Solar Car Chargers

Why it is important

Having a charger for electric car can provide you with independence from the grid and from the necessity of finding a charging station in your area. It also makes the car more affordable over time because you are not paying for the energy needed to power the engine. Finally, the system can be used to power the house or at least help contribute to the house’s energy needs when not charging the car.

How to do it

This initiative is an individual home owner’s decision to buy the equipment needed to build the charging station. It needs two components, a solar panel system and a Level two electric charging device to help regulate the power from the panels into the car. This type of charger is a wall mounted station that is designed to deliver 24kWh charge to the car in about 4 to 8 hours. These systems generally cost around 600 to 700 dollars to purchase and install.

There are many companies that sell and install the systems for homeowners such as Charepoint and Dasolar. There websites are linked in the additional source list. These companies can do both residential and commercial chargers. The charging stations could also be built as a public neighborhood use facility with membership for use by the association to pay for it’s construction and maintenance. The station could also be run as a business like gas stations with someone taking on the business and the association helping get the business started and help with advertising.

For data on different types of chargers both for private homes and public use.

This website has a list of different types of chargers one can buy.

Contact for those interested in getting a consultation about having a charging station installed.

Another company offering consultation and installation of chargers in Indiana.

Information about a tax credit program to help fund residential charging stations.


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